Scholarship awards totaling $100,000.00 have been given out to 80 tour players over the past years.

The application form can be viewed and printed electronically by clicking here (PDF document).

Grey Bruce Junior Golf Scholarship Criteria

  1. Applicant MUST be a member of the Grey Bruce Junior Golf Tour in the year of application for scholarship.
  2. The minimum academic standing, of the applicant, MUST be a minimum of 75 %.
  3. The applicant shall be a minimum age of 16, prior to September 1, for consideration.
  4. The applicant MUST be an Ontario Resident.
  5. The Scholarship will be paid when requested and shall be used for students Tuition.
  6. The decision of the Scholarship Committee is final.
  7. Scholarships must be used prior to the recipients 21 birthday, effective by September 1, or the funds will revert back to the account of the Grey Bruce Junior Golf Tour.
  8. The Grey Bruce Junior Golf Tour Scholarship Committee will determine scholarship amounts.
  9. Players must maintain a status on the tour in the year of application to qualify for a scholarship. To have status a player must play a minimum of 5 events.